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Cordless grinder for EIFS and ETICS


Item no. 24000

Rokamat Chameleon


  • Grinding and roughening EIFS and ETICS insulation boards


  • No cumbersome cables – ideal on scaffolding
  • Grinding up to 120 m² without recharging (with battery 18 V / 8,0 Ah3))
  • Smooth operation
  • Grinding System: in combination with the cordless vacuum cleaner (EIFS and ETICS) RVC C
  • ROKAMAT is member of the Cordless Alliance System (CAS)1): One battery, many solutions


The lightweight grinder for EIFS and ETICS Fox with CAS1)-compatible power batteries is ideally suited for working on scaffolding. If used in combination with our cordless vacuum cleaner RVC C, you can go about your tasks completely cordless. This increases comfort and safety on your construction sites.

The battery-powered motor is carried separately from the handtool (only 2.1 kg) either on a belt or a shoulder strap. The resulting low weight allows for fatigue-free and joint-friendly working.

Thanks to the two counter-rotating discs (2x Ø 200 mm), large areas can be processed smoothly. This feature also ensures that the removed material is swiftly conveyed to the outside thus optimizing the removal by suction of the ETICS particles.

Why keep working laboriously by hand when you can very comfortably use a machine?
Is the battery charged yet? Then switch it on and get started right away.

Fields of application

  • EIFS and ETICS ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Working on scaffolding ♦ ♦ ♦

suited ♦ / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Technical Data

Battery voltage/capacity 18 V / 5,2 Ah (Li-Ion) (optional: 8,0 Ah (LiHD) 1)3)
Idle engine speed 400 rpm
Net weight hand tool 2.1 kg
Total weight2) 4.5 kg
Accessory-Ø 200 mm


Scope of supply

Cordless grinder for EIFS and ETICS
2x Battery packs 18 V / 5,2 Ah
Battery charger ASC 55
Supporting plates Ø 200 mm
Emery grain 16 (4 pcs.)


Battery pack + battery charger


Description No.
Battery pack 5,2 Ah / 18V 08050
Battery pack - Battery charger standard 08060
Battery pack - Fast battery charger 08065
Premium package battery: Fast battery charger + 1 battery pack 5,2 Ah / 18V 08066

CORDLESS ALLIANCE SYSTEM: One battery, many solutions.

ROKAMAT is Cordless Alliance System (CAS) partner. The battery packs are additionally compatible with cordless power tools from other well-known machine manufacturers. Further informations on https://www.cordless-alliance-system.com.

Supporting plate FOX

Description No.
Supporting plates with Velcro 24002

For mounting sanding discs and metal abrasives discs.

Grinding FOX

Description No.
Emery grit 16 (4 pcs.) 20816
Emery grit 24 (4 pcs.) 20824
Emery grit 40 (6 pcs.) 20840
Emery grit 60 (6 pcs.) 20860
Emery grit 80 (6 pcs.) 20880
Emery grit 100 (6 pcs.) 20810
Emery grit 120 (6 pcs.) 20812
  • Surface grinding of polystyrene insulating boards, rock wool or other thermal insulating systems (EIFS and ETICS) as well as taped board joints
  • Roughening up polystyrene surfaces for next application

Aggressive grinding

Description No.
Metal abrasive discs, fine 22400

For uneven polystyrene insulation boards.

Shoulder strap

Description No.
Shoulder strap 05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.


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1) CAS-compatible. Cordless Alliance System (CAS) is a cross-manufacturer battery pack system of leading power tool brands. Within the alliance, battery chargers and battery packs are 100% compatible. Find out more here: CAS.

2) Rounded total weight without batteries.

3) Delivery restrictions: please check with us beforehand if shipment to your country is possible.