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Concrete Power Trowel SKATE

Concrete Power Trowel No.: 93000

Product advantages

  • Perfect compact finish
  • Easy handling
  • Quick and efficient working
  • Perfect flatness on small and large areas
  • Also available with water injection - No. 93050

Technical data

Motor output 1.000 W
Tool r.p.m. 85 - 340
Weight kg approx. 3,7 (tool)
Accessory Ø 350
Our recommended retail price € 1113,00 netto (Deutschland)

Fields of Application

  • Flattening fresh concrete ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Fields of application
    • Levelling and troweling fresh concrete and screed
    • Smoothing concrete elements

suited / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Application Pictures

SKATE Leveling fresh concrete
SKATE Leveling fresh concrete

Scope of supply

SKATE in machine case
  • supporting plate with velcro Ø 350 mm
  • trowel perforated (48100)
  • trowel smooth (48200)
  • in machine case

Velcro System for Ø 350 mm

Ø 350 mm Supporting plate with Velcro

Supporting Plate with Velcro48000
Supporting Plate



Trowel with Velcro perforated48100

Pre-Troweling - leveling unevenness and holes.

Trowel with Velcro perforated
Trowel with Velcro smooth48200

Trowel finishing on fresh concrete and screed areas.

Trowel with Velcro smooth
Trowel (stainless steel) with Velcro -longlife- Ø 350 mm48900
Trowel (stainless steel) with Velcro -longlife- Ø 215 mm34900
Base plate (to use with trowel Ø 215 mm)69110
  • For smoothing concrete elements.
  • Trowel finishing on fresh concrete and screed areas.


Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.
Shoulder strap

Product presentation