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Plaster Finishing Machine with backback tank No.: 70000

Product advantages

  • Integrated backpack water tank (6 l)
  • Uniform structure due to large headed work surface (Ø 350 mm)
  • About 70 % time saving compared to manual work
  • Adjustable water injection
  • Light weight tool

Technical data

Motor output 600 W
Tool r.p.m. 75 - 340
Weight kg approx. 2,4 (tool)
Accessory Ø 350
Container 6 l
Specifics with backpack water tank
Our recommended retail price € 1.299,00 netto (Deutschland)

Fields of Application

  • Plaster finishing ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Flattening fresh concrete ♦ ♦
  • Working on scaffolding ♦ ♦
  • Fields of application
    • Machining plaster, lime-cement render and clay plaster
    • Sponging filler compounds
    • Gypsum multi finish
    • Machining of Fine Finish Plaster

suited / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Application Pictures

ROKAMAT NAUTILO on scaffolding
ROKAMAT NAUTILO Plaster finishing with water tank
ROKAMAT NAUTILO with water tank

Scope of supply

ROKAMAT suitcase
  • supporting plate (velcro system) Ø 350 mm
  • sponge disc (49300)
  • in machine case

Velcro System for Ø 350 mm

Ø 350 mm Supporting plate with Velcro

Supporting Plate with Velcro48000
Supporting Plate

Ø 350 mm Rubbing plates

Rubbing plate with Velcro perforated48100
Rubbing plate with Velcro smooth48200
  • For smoothing mortar.
  • Smooth plate also for Fine Finish Plaster.
Rubbing Plate

Ø 350 mm Sponge discs

Sponge with Velcro, coarse49300
Sponge with Velcro, fine49400
Sponge on supporting backing with Velcro, coarse48300
Sponge on supporting backing with Velcro, fine48400
  • Sponge disc for traditional finish plaster such as multi finish.
  • Sponges on supporting plates can be worked off completely.
Sponge Disc

Ø 350 mm Sponge discs superfine

Sponge with Velcro, superfine49500
Sponge on supporting plate with Velcro, superfine48500
  • For generating a fine surface structure.
  • Sponges on supporting plates can be worked off completely.
Sponge superfine

Ø 350 mm STRUCTURA Hydro sponge ring

STRUCTURA Hydro sponge ring with Velcro48800
  • For a perfect surface structure!

Ø 350 mm LEMON Hydro sponge ring

LEMON Hydro sponge ring with Velcro48810
  • NEW! For a perfect surface structure!
LEMON Hydro-Schwammring mit Klett

Ø 350 mm Sponge discs blue

Sponge with Velcro, blue49800
  • For fine plastering (very fine grain).
Sponge with Velcro, blue

Ø 350 mm Sponge discs brown

Sponge with Velcro, brown49900
  • For fine plastering (very fine grain).
Sponge disc brown

Ø 350 mm Felt disc

Felt Disc with Velcro49600
  • Rubbing interior / exterior lime-cement render surfaces.
Felt Disc

NEW! Ø 350 mm Smoothing disc

NEW! Smoothing disc with Velcro34550
  • For abrading render and plaster after setting.
NEW! Smoothing disc with Velcro

Ø 450 mm

Ø 450 mm Trowel

Patented Trowel34300
  • NEW! Finishing wall renders of all types.
Fettling disc with trowel blades
Premium package gypsum multi finish: Sponge on plastic board, trowel, supporting plate and polishing pad34305
Premium package gypsum multi finish

Product presentation