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The lightest Long-neck Grinder No.: 60100

Product advantages

  • Light weight: tool approx. 2,4 kg
  • High engine power (1.500 Watt)
  • Smooth operating, low-vibration
  • Short and long-neck grinder in one (grinding up to 3 m height)
  • Flexible and robust grinding head
  • Grinding tight into the edges with special dust hood
  • Compatible with Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner


Technical data

Motor output 1.500 W
Tool r.p.m. 640 - 2.270
Weight kg approx. 2,4 kg (tool)
Accessory Ø 225
Our recommended retail price € 897,00 netto (Deutschland)

Fields of Application

  • Wood machining
  • Plaster and concrete machining ♦ ♦
  • Cleaning
  • Drywall ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Fields of application
    • Grinding plasterboard, wall board and concrete burrs
    • Grinding and polishing walls, floors and ceilings

suited / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Application Pictures

HERON Edge grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Concrete Grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Drywall grinding
HERON Drywall grinding

Scope of supply

  • supporting plate Ø 225 mm
  • sanding set (grain 40-150)
  • Joest superpad set (grain 40-220)
  • in machine case

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm

Supporting plate HERON

Supporting plate with foam rubber base (10 mm) Ø 225 mm60150
Supporting plate with foam rubber base (10 mm) Ø 225 mm

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm

Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning Pad grain 80, coarse (6 pcs.)62200
Cleaning Pad grain 120, medium (6 pcs.)62000
Cleaning Pad grain 180, fine (6 pcs.)62100
Cleaning Pad
Polishing Pad, very fine (2 pcs.)62800
Lambskin Pad, superfine (2 pcs.)62900
  • Cleaning and polishing fair-faced concrete, polishing parquet and more.
Lambskin Pad

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm


Emery grain 40 (6 pcs.)61100
Emery grain 60 (6 pcs.)61200
Emery grain 80 (6 pcs.)61300
Emery grain 100 (6 pcs.)61400
Emery grain 120 (6 pcs.)61500
Emery grain 150 (6 pcs.)61600
  • Sanding discs for professional painting and varnishing

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm

JÖST Superpads

Jöst Superpad grit 40 (6 pcs.)69840
Jöst Superpad grit 60 (6 pcs.)69860
Jöst Superpad grit 80 (6 pcs.)69880
Jöst Superpad grit 120 (6 pcs.)69812
Jöst Superpad grit 180 (6 pcs.)69818
Jöst Superpad grit 220 (6 pcs.)69822
  • Unique full-surface perforations and patended Velcro-type system allows: full-surface dust extraction (no clogging), higher sanding capacity and shorter sanding time
Jöst Superpad

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm

Grinding Grids

Grinding grid 80 (4 pcs.)69780
Grinding grid 100 (6 pcs.)69710
Grinding grid 120 (6 pcs.)69712
Grinding grid 180 (6 pcs.)69718
Grinding grid 220 (6 pcs.)69722
  • For plaster, filler, etc.

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm

For aggressive grinding

Metal abrasive disc, fine60500
Metal abrasive disc, medium60600
Metal abrasive disc, coarse60700
Foam rubber base 7 mm for supporting plate Ø 225 mm61005
  • For grinding timber, brick, screed, carpet ramains, fibreglass, gas concrete and many other materials.
  • Foam rubber base 7 mm for using with metal abrasive disc, medium and coarse
Metal abrasive disc
Diamond grinding disc "light"60300
  • For grinding concrete burrs, floor screeds, etc.
Diamond grinding disc "light"


Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.
Shoulder strap

Product presentation