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Our customers report:

I regret not having bought the machine much earlier, a truly ingenious invention. Never before I have finished plaster faster or easier.

Satisfied user of the Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT DRY
Bild von Tihamer Vendeg, company Loos, plasterer and stucco-worker

For 15 years we have been working with ROKAMAT Plaster Finishing Machines. Large surfaces are finished in a breath. We save about 50 to 70 percent working time!

Tihamer Vendeg, company Loos, plasterer and stucco-worker

With the wireless sponge float I am really satisfied! Very perfect surface!

Rico Schmidt, contractor

I've been working for five years with ROKAMAT machines - for example with GECKO and CHAMELEON. There is nothing comparable on the market. With ROKAMAT machines everything just fits!

Michel Legier, store construction

It works so perfectly, you just don't want to stop... I am delighted with ROKAMAT GEX P and my impression is that the machine will last for many years to come.

Eva Krieg, master carpenter, about the parquet grinder GEX P
Bild von Stefan Preuß, Plasterer in Simmerath

Plaster Finishing Machine DRY: Top Machine, robust construction, easy working!

Stefan Preuß, Plasterer in Simmerath

I really want to recommend the miller because it's powerful and works accurately... After all an amazing machine!

Haki Sadiku, user PIRANHA Joint Miller

For 14 days I am a satisfied user of both Joint Miller PIRANHA Cutter und PIRANHA Miller. These machines facilitate the milling of the joints in the brickwork.

Marcus H.

I like ROKAMAT –
... because it´s much more quickly and efficiently to grind facades.
... and the toxic polystyrene parts will now be absorb and not contaminate the ground.

Gerold Rainer, working with CHAMELEON and Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner
Bild von David Förth, mater painter

The new plaster finishing machine (ROKAMAT Wireless Sponge Float) works very well!!

David Förth, mater painter

We are really pleased. We have machining about 4000 square meters this year with the machine (NAUTILO).

Integer Bau GbR about NAUTILO

Perfect machine! We work with a lot of CHAMELEON and we are really satisfied with the product.

Wolfgang Schulte, 1A Malerteam Schulte, in Bersenbrück

ROKAMAT CHAMELEON - a essential assistance!

SARENO Objektisolierung, Österreich

I am really satisfied with my ROKAMAT CHAMELEON. It works fast and exact.

Skvorc Davor, Fassaden
Bild von Bayreuther GmbH & Co.KG, Griesstätt

We are very satisfied with our ROKAMAT Wireless Concrete Vibrator and we can´t imagine working without ROKAMAT.

Bayreuther GmbH & Co.KG, Griesstätt

With the ROKAMAT DRY is very fast working possible, the result is exact and the machine is easy to handle. Also suitable for clay plaster...

Mr. Begoihn - Intakt GmbH, Braunschweig

After long research we had found the right product: ROKAMAT CHAMELEON: Easy to handle and with the suction a really clean working.

Mr. Peisl - living3 immo GmbH

Our staff like to work with the ROKAMAT CHAMELEON and it makes the workings much easier.

Harald Pröll - TECHNODEC

Grinding EIFS and ETICS with the ROKAMAT CHAMELEON is very easy. Also because of the light weight of the tool. Before using ROKAMAT it was really difficult work.

Petra Moser, Austria

I want to tell you: The Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET I bought is great! I have operated this machine on 1000 m². It’s much easier to work than I did it before by hand. Why haven’t I seen this machine before in Sweden…

Customer from Sweden